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Yakima HighRoller Upright Bike MountYakima HighRoller Upright Bike Mount Review

The Yakima HighRoller Upright Bike Mount Rack is a roof top rack, with a great difference.

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The difference being you don’t need to pull the front tire to mount the bike into the rack.

So mounting a bike becomes a more carefree experience with no need for tools.

Well that’s what it looks like on paper, but is it true, thats the point of this review.

So  lets break it down a bit more.



Features of the Yakima HighRoller Upright Bike Mount Rack

  • Bike Rack Capacity: 1
  • Bike Rack Compatibility: round bars, square bars, most factory bars
  • Bike Racks Locks Included: no
  • Bike Racks Recommended Use: hauling bikes
  • Yakima Warranty: 1 year
  • Savings


Bike Rack Capacity

The Yakima HighRoller Upright Bike Mount Rack is designed to  handle one mounted Bike


Bike Rack Compatibility: round bars, square bars, most factory bars

This refers to the type of factory made luggage rack bars installed by their shape.


Bike Racks Locks Included

No, but this is not unusual, most Bike Racks Manufacturers do not include locks, but may sell them separately.


Bike Racks Recommended Use

Hauling a Two Wheeled Bike, pretty much any size.  (For those who might tongue and cheeks say what other kind are there, well there are 3 wheeled, including industrial grade, there are 4 wheeled speciality bikes and of course unicycles.  In the shortened term bike its unclear as to type, unlike bicycle which would indicate a two wheeled)


Yakima Warranty: 1 year

The Yakima Warranty covers 1 year.  The nice part is you can fill out the warranty information on line at the Yakima website.


Additional Savings

Besides saving money by purchasing through which offers 10% off, you can also save by means of Super Saver Shipping which provides for free shipping on qualified items over a certain amount.

This currently includes the Yakima HighRoller Upright Bike Mount.  Be sure to check this prior to purchase to be sure its applicable as its subject to change.


Yakima HighRoller Upright Bike Mount Pros and Cons


Fast and easy bike loads and unloads, 5 minutes or less.

The great thing about the Yakima HighRoller Upright Bike Mount is it allows bike transport on a roof mount bike rack system without removal of the front tire. The Bike is also able to be mounted facing forward.

Even bikes with disk brakes can by easily loaded.

Another great feature is the bikes are secured using the tires, not the bikes frame, so no unsightly scratches on your expensive bikes.

With the right mount, you can use on most cars.  It may be that you need the “Mighty Mounts” which are extra, but once you get them you’ll be in good shape. 10% off price and free shipping with Super Saver Shipping



As this is a single bike system and somewhat pricy, it would be nice if the security features were included instead of additional costs.  These are the lock cores  used to secure the bike to the Bike Rack, and the Bike Rack to the roof mount.  These lock cores add an extra $30+ to the bike rack system.  Though they are very easy to use.

The optional mounts need to be better clarified as to when needed, on what vehicles to prevent having to re-order mounts separately.  Mighty mounts can add $30+ to the bike rack system.

Some cars require the Yakima HighRoller Upright Bike Mount to be mounted backwards because of clearance issues, like the Newer Subaru’s.


Final Thoughts on the Yakima HighRoller Upright Bike Mount

Its a very good single bike roof bike rack system, with a sliding rear tray which makes loading and unloading bikes very easy.   Although it fits most square and round manufacturer roof racks, some it won’t, so be sure to find out which yours is and order the mounts at the same time as the rack.

A pretty good buy, tad expensive, but being able to bike 5 minutes after reaching destination makes the price worth it.

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Yakima HighRoller Upright Bike Mount as reviewed by Bike Racks