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Saris Bones 805 (2-Bike) Trunk Mount Rack Review

Saris Bones 805 (2-Bike) Trunk Mount Rack

Saris wanted to create a trunk mounted bike rack which was stylish, versatile and highly accessible, so designer Fabio Pedrini got to work and created the Saris Bones 805 (2-Bike) Trunk Mount Rack. Using an innovative arc-based design, this rack can fit over most vehicle spoilers which position it as one of the most versatile trunk mounted racks available.

Read Consumer Reviews on the Saris Bones 805 (2-Bike) Trunk Mount Rack

It didn’t take long for this rack to become very popular and the rave reviews to start rolling in. So how does this rack fair today now it’s been on the market for years? Bike Rack Reviews investigates.


Saris Bones 805 (2-Bike) Trunk Mount Rack Features

  • Arc-based design
  • Injection molded arms/legs
  • Constructed with materials which are 100 % recyclable
  • Ratcheting anti-sway straps for optimum stability


Superior Construction

A pre-requisite for a bike racks success is solid construction. The Saris Bones 805 features arms and legs which have been injection-molded, making the rack both highly durable and resistant to rusting. As only recyclable plastic materials have been used in the manufacturing of this rack, it’s also a very eco-friendly way to transport your bikes.

Bones – Style and Substance

It’s not often we can say a bike rack is a stylish piece, but that’s exactly what the Saris Bones 805 is with its attractive grey coated finish and arched design. Most importantly, this arc design allows you to fit the Bones on to almost any type of vehicle, so whether you’re an owner of a minivan or a large car, compatibility is almost assured.


Installing the Bones to your vehicle takes just five minutes and involves several easy steps, although initially you should expect it to take a bit longer to setup before you get used to the process. The rack attaches to your vehicle using six strong straps and protective buckles so your bikes stay safe even during the bumpiest of journeys. Installation instructions are included with the rack, but we recommend you also watch the Saris official installation video beforehand to see the process in action.

Anti-sway straps

Saris gave attention to all the little details when designing the Bones. The use of anti-sway straps ensure that your bikes frame remains secure and firm in the cradle to prevent any unwanted bike damage.

Saris Bones 805 (2-Bike) Trunk Mount Rack Pros and Cons


Innovative arc design looks easy on the eye and makes for excellent compatibility with most vehicles. Installation is simple and well explained in easy steps in the included instructions.

High quality materials used for construction makes the Saris Bones 805 a durable rack that should last for many years.

Made in the USA plus backed with a Saris lifetime warranty.


Some mountain bike owners have been unable to fit their bike onto the rack.

You have no access to your trunk whilst the carrier is attached to your vehicle so you need to remove it first. However, this is a common issue with trunk-mounted racks due to their design.

Final Thoughts on the Saris Bones 805 (2-Bike) Trunk Mount Rack

Saris did say they thought of everything when designing the Saris Bones 805 (2-Bike) Trunk Mount Rack and we have to agree with them. The key factors to this racks success are its simplicity, flexibility and efficiency. Plus it’s stylish to boot, a great bike rack which gets our recommendation.

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